Thursday, December 16, 2010

The "A" word

Yesterday was one of the roughest days of my life. Our suspicions were verified and then some. Many people in our lives aren't in on our "secret." Not that we've made it a secret, we just haven't been openly advertising. Yesterday, both Caleb and Andrew were given labels that will forever change their lives and mine. Our sweet little boy, Andrew was diagnosed with Autism, yep, the "A" word. The one thing no one wanted to believe because he's such a smiley, affectionate little guy. It's not just that he's not talking, it's much greater than that. Older brother Caleb has been diagnosed with an "Autism Spectrum Disorder." Yep, our little boy who can out-read most 1st graders I know. It's not about reading, it's much greater than that. Four months ago, the "A" word wasn't even on our radar for either of the boys, mostly because Autism is so misunderstood, I thought I knew what to look for, but I didn't truly understand it. Statistics dictate that someone you know has Autism, whether diagnosed or not. I encourage everyone to learn more about it, and know that Autism looks different in each child.

So it looks like the direction of this blog might be changing. We still plan to homeschool Caleb, but it's going to look a lot different. Everything in our lives is going to look a lot different.

Andrew (almost 3 yrs old)

Caleb, 5 years old

Sort of an anthem I've adopted (Thanks Becca for sharing):

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