Monday, May 10, 2010

I can't container myself!

So... being honest with myself, we aren't going to do school work in our unfinished basement where we have all the storage options, wall space and cutsie little kid's table to work at. There isn't enough natural or artificial light down there. I'd be kidding myself if I set up shop down there. We have an 11ft wide by 5ft high window in our dining room that lets in a ton of light, so it's settled then. Where the heck am I going to store all our school supplies? There's just a bookcase in there, visible from our couch and I don't want ugly stacks of school supplies cluttering our main living space. So this was my solution:

If you want to steal any of my ideas, I used the following items:

I'm sure things will change as we actually start school and get more supplies, but a lot of these bins are empty now and waiting to be filled as we go. Please, share your own homeschool storage solutions!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

'Kindergarten Cop Out' reaction

My reaction to this article:
'Kindergarten Cop Out' by Sierra Black

I am all for parents making well informed decisions and choosing either public/private school or homeschool based on that evaluation. But this article really urked me, and borderline infuriated me. I believe this mom is well meaning and honestly wants the best for her child, but she has yet again become a victim of bullying! To put it simply, a child doesn't always know best. 

Really? You are letting a four year old make one of the biggest decisions in her life right now? Would you trust your child to choose her own doctor? To choose which house you should buy? We are the parents, and for whatever reason someone wants to homeschool their child, they shouldn't be persuaded by a four year old that doesn't have the experience and knowledge to make the best decision.

I think so often in our culture we give our children too much authority over themselves and us. Apparently we don't value wisdom if we are letting our four year olds make final decisions that will completely redefine their childhood. This four year old made her decision based on a classroom pet and curiosity. Going on those instincts can get us all in a lot of trouble. There's that phrase... curiosity killed the cat!

I don't think the mom was right in wanting to homeschool out of fear, but that wasn't the whole story. Her child is obviously very gifted and I believe she would get the most from homeschooling.  I'm convinced that this mom is seeking what is in the best interest of her child; too bad she let her child bully her out of a very well informed decision.
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